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Check In 4/1/2020

So much for pranking all of you today, I had a few good ones up my sleeve!!

Since the update this week about school being closed until May 4th, I just wanted to check in on everyone. I know a few of you have emailed me with questions, or have shared some things with me in google, but I miss all of you and would like everyone to be able to check in – so I am sending out messages in each of the individual class periods in Classroom.

I will post this in Walls ALL as well, but let’s keep in touch and check on each other in your class period on Classroom!!

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STAAR Review Packets

These are the 8th grade science STAAR review packets for each of the 4 reporting categories – remember we did the force and motion one in class.

These do not need to be printed out or completed, but rather as a study guide so when we come back to school we hopefully won’t be so behind.

I miss you all! Email me if you have any questions or just want to say heyyyy!

MODIFIED_Reporting Category 1_STAAR Review_ScienceTeachingJunkieInc_SECURED

MODIFIED_Reporting Category 2_STAAR Review_ScienceTeachingJunkieInc_SECURED

MODIFIED_Reporting Category 3_STAAR Review_ScienceTeachingJunkieInc_SECURED

MODIFIED_Reporting Category 4_STAAR Review_ScienceTeachingJunkieInc_SECURED


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Lesson Plans 3/23 – 3/27

Hi everyone! I hope you all are SAFE and HEALTHY and hopefully enjoying some extra time at home with your people! I haven’t killed any of mine, YET, but I do have a house full as the college kiddos are back at home and there are lots of “I’m BORED” and “I’m HUNGRY” and other yelling and fighting that I try to ignore. (I’m ready to come back to school!)

When we first were asked to post some assignments on our blog, I assigned a few things in STEMscopes for TEKS 8.5D and 8.5E. My thought in assigning both TEKS at the same time, was that you would spread those assignments out over the two weeks. Now, here we are home at least another week and since that was our last two units, all I really had left was some STAAR review material (like that one packet we did over force and motion).

I will be posting those reviews on Google Classroom by Monday 3/30. I will also make some paper copies to leave at the school for pick-up. I also have something additional notes that I will be posting as well. Just check in on Classroom every few days and feel free to email me with any questions.

I hate that we weren’t able to be in class these weeks, as I had great fun plans for chemical reactions. I will post some videos, but it just isn’t the same as seeing it happen live in person. I miss you all and hope to see you before the end of the year – but please be smart and wash your hands and take care of yourselves and your families!


UPDATE 3/26:

STAAR review bundles posted in next blog post and in Classroom, along with some “Doodle Notes” and other review material. This is only notes/study materials to review/complete.

atoms and elements doodle notes bundle

what is force doodle notes bundle

staar science tutorial 10-periodic table

staar science tutorial 08-chemical formulas

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Lesson Plans 3/17-3/30

Hi guys and girls!!
I am feeling a little bummed about missing out on our chemical equations and reactions units so I am letting you guys try and come up with a few experiments on your own with basic household items. You can use YouTube or or any website you can find that gives you some simple home experiment examples and see if you can (with the help of a parent) do this at home (think mentos in the coke bottle, baking soda and vinegar). Get everything together and maybe practice a time or two, then video your experiment and explain what is happening. This may take some researching about what the chemicals are, but use a periodic table to get the symbols and see if you can find a chemical equation that represents your experiment. You can email me with any questions, and I will have some guiding notes and help available to you in STEMscopes. Start and share a Google Doc with me about your experiment, trials, results and what you think is happening or happened.
Have fun and stay safe and healthy, I miss you all!


New STEMscopes assignments will be for 8.5D chemical formulas and 8.5E chemical reactions. Start each TEKS with the vocabulary, video, stemscopedia, PhET (game like activity), and lastly the quiz. I will continue to post in Google Classroom (Walls All) for interesting videos or websites that might help!

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Lesson Plans 2/24 – 2/28

Monday: Bell Ringer; Test data and scores from last week; Pre-Assessment Atoms (8.5A); TEKS breakdown 8.5A Рthe students will describe the structure of atoms, including the masses, electrical charges, and locations, of protons and neutrons in the nucleus and electrons in the electron cloud; Vocabulary Рatom, nucleus, electron cloud, electrical charge, proton, neutron, electron, atomic mass, subatomic particles.

Tuesday: Bell Ringer; complete vocabulary, illustrate and describe the structure of an atom.

Wednesday: 8th graders to high school, HALF DAY – EARLY RELEASE!

Thursday: Bell Ringer; History of atoms and models of atoms text and video assignment.

Friday: QUIZ – describe the structure of an atom.

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Lesson Plans 2/3 – 2/7

2/3: Bell Ringer; Seven steps to solving word problems in science; Formula triangles; practice problems and STEMscopes assignments 8.6B (content video and questions, e-scopedia, and concept quiz), due by 2/7.

2/4: Bell Ringer (pre-assessment); Breakdown TEKS 8.6C in journals – the students will investigate and describe applications of Newton’s three laws of motion such as in vehicle restraints, sports activities, amusement park rides, Earth’s tectonic activities, and rocket launches¬†and define vocabulary.

2/5: Bell Ringer; ENGAGE activity slides; STEMscopes assignments 8.6C (3 content videos and questions, reading passage with questions, writing assignment, and guided practice worksheet), due by 2/7.

2/6: Bell Ringer; Hacking the 8th Grade Science STAAR test YouTube video; Practice brain dump for Benchmarks next week!

2/7: Bell Ringer; Continue with assignments in STEMscopes, force and motion worksheets, and/or brain dump notes. ALL 8.6B and 8.6C STEMscopes assignments due TODAY!

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Lesson Plans 1/27 – 1/31

1/27: Bell Ringer; Students will demonstrate their performance assessment projects to the class.

1/28: Bell Ringer; Students will continue demonstrations and take self evaluations and peer evaluations of their project experience.

1/29: Half Day

1/30: Force and Motion packets

1/31: Force and Motion packets

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Lesson Plans 1/20 – 1/24

1/20: Martin Luther King Holiday

1/21: Bell Ringer; Performance Assessments DAY 1/4: brainstorm with partner.

1/22: Bell Ringer; Performance Assessments DAY 2/4: get planning and check off with teacher.

1/23: Bell Ringer; Performance Assessments DAY 3/4: get planning and work.

1/24: Bell Ringer; Performance Assessments DAY 4/4: get work completed and turned in.